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Dante's Application

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1 Dante's Application on Sun Aug 27, 2017 7:25 am

> What is your name?
- Lucianno Suave;
(luciannosuave@ gmail)

> How old are you?
- I'm 19 years old;

> What is your in-game name?
- Dante

> What are your fluent languages
- Portuguese, English, Spanish;

> How long have you been playing Flyff
- I started in 2008, so, 9 years of gaming;

> Do you have any Event GM experience
- I was an event gm 2 times before in servers that don't exist anymore Sad ; I already had my own server but things have gone busier. Now I'm fine, and missing playing!;

> What is your timezone and country. How long can you be online for?
- Brazil, GMT -3. I can login all night and all weekend;

> You need to be good in working in a team. Explain us how.
- Well, thats the point in everything, right? Team work isn't just for a online gaming in party, but in life. A good relationship and dialogue with the people around you it's the key to reach what do you want to.

> Tell us something about yourself (at least 3 sentence)
- I'm a very patient person; I like to take some time to chill and relax;  I'm the best Rm of Secret Room that you will meet Razz

> What is the reason you want to be Event GM on this server
- The reason.. hum.. I'm very creative and patient! So, I can make fun events to entertain the players. A Online game isn't just farm, play, kill, upgrade. I think everyone knows, that playing with people you like make things more fun! It's about having a online family, to laugh and help about all the stuffs and doubts in-game.I will treat this job as a real life based job. I do not know if you have already felt this, be more than a player, create a project and make this happen, make difference. Really want be there for all the community, it's for own pleasure.

> Any other type of information you would like to express about yourself?
- That's not very relevant, but, I like to write a lot. I already wrote a history about flyff Very Happy
- Ah, that's relevant: I have a technical in "Technology of information", I understand about Programming languages, C# and Html.

I think I finished, if you have any doubt, feel free to ask.
Hasta, Dante!

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