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First Impressions/Suggestions

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1 First Impressions/Suggestions on Mon Sep 18, 2017 9:57 am

Hi admin,

I've recently started playing, and made it 114 and have some observations and suggestions. This all comes under the impression the server is not a low or mid rate server, but a high rate server as the exp rates have just been increased to x1500.

The Good:

1. Nice aesthetics; I love the castle design of Flaris. It's simple, but clearly done well as there aren’t issues/lag loading into it.

2. Server exclusive dungeons.

  • Always a positive sign to see owner/admin creativity in the form server exclusive content. I have yet to experience these dungeons, but it's good to know they exist.  

3. Extensive skins/customization.

  • Highly attractive server amenity. There's an incredible amount of server skins that will make players both look amazing and look unique. Everyone loves cool skins and there's a huge amount to choose from already!

4. Active admins (supposedly) based upon the frequent update posts.

  • Also a positive sign to see active owner/admin correspondences as per the facebook and front page.

What can be improved:

1. The newbie welcome package.

  • As is, new players don’t get much when they first start. As I recall, I get 10 Freebie points, some temp CS, temp pet, and temp wings all at a certain level and not all at the start. There should be a better welcome package to give prospective players more incentive to play as well as make starting the server less tedious. I suggest all newly created players start off with the 10 freebie points, a stack of food (especially since food doesn’t drop from monsters), amps, and power up consumables. The newbie package is a basic staple of a private server and the quality of such can make a huge impact on a new player's decision to play the game.

2. Remove end game cards/equipment from donate shop.

  • IMO, servers with end game cards/gear in donate shop create a recipe for a Pay to Win disaster and everyone hates P2W servers/games.

3. Make awakening instant and by command.

  • Scroll awakening/reversions is a vestige of the past as well as truly a hassle and tedious. This is a quality of life thing that I feel should be a part of any private server experience.

4. Increase class buff times.

  • Another quality of life issue. 1min berserker or 2min spirit fortune is silly. Class buffs should be much longer as recasting every 1-2mins is unnecessary and uncharacteristic of a private server.

5. Alter class buffs.

  • Similar to the above, some of the class buffs are still efly in nature and are silly. Smite axe giving 50 attack power and 25 def (lol) is a negligible buff. Class buffs need to be updated and improved significantly.

6. Make RC consumables purchasable by gold.

  • Personally, I believe in having equally accessible consumables for all players. Consumables tremendously improves the undergeared and less well off player experience (aka almost all players coming to the server). RC gating some of the consumables only makes those that are well off or in a better position stronger. Level the playing field by making all consumables purchasable by gold.

7. Make amps also purchasable  by gold.

  • Seeing as this server isn’t a low rate server, exp gain shouldn't be hindered. More players at higher levels = bigger pvp population, and more items being introduced into the economy. VP amps instead should have a bigger exp bonus so that people will still vote.

8. Add a server wiki.

  • Every server is different, so a server wiki for all set, weapon, dungeon, etc. specifications is really helpful for players.

9. Add more items to collecting fields

  • Its nice to see a smaller collecting field drop table, since most server's collecting field fills your inventory with crap. Although, I do think more consumables, tickets, or other items should be added to the collecting fields so that it has a benefit. Plus, more people collecting increases the server player count which always helps.

10. Add an in game model viewer

  • As mentioned above, there's so many cool skins, cs, and accessories on this server. A model viewer makes it easier to pick and choose the ones we like. No one wants to have to pick a random skin and find out they don’t end up liking it. This would be a great server amenity especially since there's so many skins.

11. Explain in game currencies at FAQ.

  • I found it difficult to know where the different currencies (YC or RC) can be obtained as this is different for every server. I think this should be explained in the FAQ. Perhaps increase ways to obtain them, but at the moment I still dont know how to obtain them or what they are used for.

All in all, there seems to be lots of potential in the server. Please let me know what you think admins!

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2 Re: First Impressions/Suggestions on Wed Sep 20, 2017 4:14 am


Thanks for the suggestions.

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