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1 Back to Low Rate ! on Sat Sep 23, 2017 10:16 am

Exp 500 Penya 750 Drop 80
Eggs 20m
Tier 3 Beads 50m
2 75m
1 100m
Freebie Weps same damage as LG Weps
Wings Perm
Lord system fix
Lord Buff prices fixed
Pride of Victory / Gingerbread / Christmas cake in IS 25m each + increase price of Eel to 25m
Better way to get RC
make all party scrolls 15 day and same price
Premium Food/Buffs from Is , all either 2 or 3 hours pick a number
all buffs/skills 20 min duration

Ddukguk in store (debatable)

Webisite Wiki


PK , Fix angels or remove disposition

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