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New Player Guide

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1 New Player Guide on Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:08 pm


This guide might help new player to start. This is only a guide so its up to you if you want to follow or not  cheers

Choosing a Class

Well almost all of us are thinking of making to make a hitter or character that can be use only for 1v1 like Slayer, Billposter, Crackshooter, And Psykeeper. In my experience its really good to start with AOE Jobs like Arcanist, Templar, And Seraph.

Why? it is simply because if you got more mobs = you will also have more penya's (item)
And if you notice all of them can get High HP. Base on my experience this server got a high damage bosses or almost all the item are huntable thru dungeon.
Arcanist = AOE Skills, High Damage, Less HP (Can be modified using stats)
Seraph = AOE Skills , Moderate Damage, High HP (Pure Sta)
Templar = AOE Skills, Good Damage, Very High HP (Good Tanker)

Leveling Tip
This chart help you in finding mobs level

For Seraphs
Buy also a guardian knuckle not just the stick. Use knuckles if you feel slow on killing. Don`t worry you only need to do this until you attain 80.

Note: If you are having a hard time on tanking during your leveling you need to spam the skill Prevention.
Its a skill from your first class.

After you attained 80 you need to have a build of STA and INT. Make STA higher than int because you need to survive even if you have remantis.
The level 80 RM skill merkaba can be placed in action slot.
Just keep luring and kill them using merkaba.
Because of the fact that merkaba can be placed in action slot this will totally give an insane damage output on mobs.
Just keep leveling on azria until you become level 110

After you attained level 110, time to move to a new place.
It is called Traseia. Buy ticket from [Cas Shop] Is located at Flarine.
Lowest level of mobs there are 116.
Just like what you did in azria, lure as much as you can and kill them.

After attaining level 125, time to move to a new place.
It is called Forest Island. Buy ticket from [Cas Shop] Is located at Flarine.
Lowest level of mobs there are 130.
Just like what you did in Traseia, lure as much as you can and kill them.

Then continue leveling till you become level 175.

For Arcanist

The leveling places are the same as I`ve mentioned above.
However it is a bit more difficult to use this than a seraph.
You need to also have a lot of STA and use a lot of buff items as possible.
Don`t worry after you became a master, your master skill gives 100% PVE damage and a lot of INT

As I`ve said earlier, arcanists have a great gathering skill. You can lure a lot of mobs by using level 70 skills in a few seconds. However, arcanists are easy to die.
But if you know the trick to survive. You can easily level it also.
You need to use windfield if you think you can`t survive mob attacks.
You will do this on a HIT AND RUN way.
If you can survive mob attacks and have a lot of  pots then you could just kill everyone.

After reaching 150, there is an OP Skill of arcanist called EVA STORM.
It really is a powerful skill and can be placed on action slot.
You will now use a different style of killing mobs.
Just lure them by using Blizzard, gather them in one place and use EVA STORM to kill them.

For Templar

The leveling places are the same as I`ve mentioned above.
Templar is a much easy to work with, because they got high HP you just need more pots to not be killed by mobs.

Good Tip

If you don't have enough penya to buy pots its really good to have dual account other one is healer, healer will save not just your hp but your penya too. +couple with your dual account to make it more cool and earn additional stats for couple buffs.

Dungeon Hunting

Now that you're done leveling with your hunting Character. its time for Dungeon Hunting! I'am pretty sure that you earn enough penya's by leveling in Azria if not go and hunt enough penya for you to upgrade your armor and weapon! (105 sets and freebies Weapon)

After you're done upgrading your items its better for you to hunt 5000 quest item of: Wild Boar, Slime Golem, Lime Stone Golem located at Forest Island (Use ticket to go here). for you to exchange the 3 kinds of Quest-item into a Stated CS pet, Choose wisely when choosing a stated Pet.

After you earn got enough power ups this is the time to start hunting on Aminus to get Accessories (In boxes) and get Ancient item which is good to start. Note: You can't easily take the aminus alone its better to bring a party atleast 1 hitter. (Crackshooter, Slayer, Psykeeper)

Repeat the steps.
Upgrade your weapon and Armor
Form a good party
Hunt in different Dungeon till you get to the last item!

cheerscheerscheers“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”  —Michael Porter cheers cheers cheers

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