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1 GM Application on Tue Aug 22, 2017 1:54 am

Dear whoever reads this, I hereby apply for a position in the mavis flyff team as event gm.

What is your name?
Jorn (I'd rather not throw my last name online for privacy reasons as you'd understand)

How old are you?
I've been running around on the blue globe for 21 years

What is your in-game name?
GodsWife and variations on that.

What are your fluent languages
fluent I'd say english, native language is dutch and I should be able to understand some french and german.

How long have you been playing Flyff
I honestly cant remember. I've been around way before wilds was added is what i remember.

Do you have any Event GM experience
I've been GM on flyff before, that regarded more to playtesting and writing a wiki for the server but interaction with other players and helping out mateo do events was part of it.

What is your timezone and country. How long can you be online for?
GMT+1 (amsterdam) I live in holland. Will be on vacation for 4 days the day after tomorrow. Untill classes start again I probably got way more time than i should be spending on games but after classes start I'd say generally 3 hours a day, weekends more and during exam periods a little less.

You need to be good in working in a team. Explain us how.
I've been a mediator in a development team where the devs and gm's didnt exactly see eye to eye. Last year I was on the board for the study association at leiden university. That required intensive cooperation with fellow board members (six other people) and 10 commissions of around five to seven people each. I've also been a member of another association for students for over 4 years where we organize multiple activities throughout the year with about 30 people.

Tell us something about yourself (at least 3 sentence)
What do you want to know? I'm dutch as you could have read, I do less drugs than is allowed here. I'm part of both a study and student association which caused my liver to age more than I'd like to admit. Despite this I still game more than I'd like to admit. I've messed around with my own local private server but decided cultural anthropology isn't a good base to dig in flyff code. I've owned both minecraft and DayZ (arma2) servers before and have been admin on more of those servers than I care to list here. I also used to bake pancakes as a profession for about three years. Its hot, It's heavy but it was fun. I hit lvl 150 in original flyff just to find out crackshooters arent that great. I've also grown to dislike baruna upgrade systems allot. Also I used to play basketball. I like skiing holidays and I really have no idea what else to put here.

What is the reason you want to be Event GM on this server
I admire the development of the server, and have great expectations. The server needs some activity to get going and I've got the time and willingness to help you out. I rarely lose my temper which is always good when dealing with players of varying ages. Most importantly I realize that a servers reputation hangs on the reputations of the admins.

Any other type of information you would like to express about yourself?
Ive got a pair of yellow pants im not allowed to wash and wear every thursday night when i go drinking... Its kinda weird.
Im pretty sure you have extra questions for me, like what kind of events you'd like to do once we have time to put in effort in that kind of stuff. and more similar like that. You know how to find me when you are ready to ask those questions.

Have a good one Smile

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