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Existing Currency

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1 Existing Currency on Wed Aug 23, 2017 10:06 pm


Many of newbies we're asking where they can get Chips/Coin/ Etc. This thread will help you to locate/find where you can get those Currency.

Existing Currency in Game

Let's start with penya, this is the main currency or the very common drop for all the monster, but the question is where can I farm penya fast? Highest mobs that drop penya is located in Azria, Skandia Farm Island, & Forest Island. You can get perin by exchanging your 100,000,000/100m into 1 perin. (Click icon beside Trashcan in your inventory to convert your penya into perin). You can use Penya for Upgrading your Items and buying Prems from NPC

Red Chip
Red chips are reward for those fighter you fight inside the Siege Arena, You can get this in two option first one is on Guild Siege and the second one is the Royal Rumble Siege. You can use Red Chips to purchase items from (Red Chip Merchant) in Flarine.

Yellow Chip
Yellow chip is dropable in Skandia Farm Island (Use ticket to go here) ticket are sold in Cash shop in Flarine. You can use this Yellow Chips to purchase items models like Fashion, Pets, Weapon, & Shields Model from [Model / Yellow Chip Shop] Npc's Located in Eastern Flarine (Other side of Central Flarine).

Golden Snowflake
Golden Snowflake is a reward for for those who donated in the server to keep our server alive and more secure, as a reward they can buy exclusive item from [Donate Shop] Gergantes in Eastern Flaris.

Mavis Vote Chip
Mavis Vote Chip is a reward for those who voted our server to make it at the top of the list private server, as a reward they can use this chip to buy a item like Weapon mode, Cs Pet Model, and some scroll from [Vote Shop / Stated Pet Exchanger] Mayor of Flarine in Eastern Flarine.

Collector Chip
Collector chips from the name it self, you can get this thru collecting in Collecting area this chip can be use as currency to buy Some Cs pet models, and Fashion from [Collecting Manager]Collins in Flarine beside Collecting Area

Friendly Freebies Coin
Friendly Freebies coin is a reward for those newbie to this can be obtain when you reach level 10 This coin is not tradable. You can exchange this into a turtle weapon that is good for starting weapon from  Tina the Freebies Shop / Station Manager in Flarine.

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