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Damian's Application

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1 Damian's Application on Fri Sep 01, 2017 10:10 am

What is your name?

How old are you?
22 years old

What is your in-game name?
Lord / Damian

What are your fluent languages
English and Polish

How long have you been playing Flyff
Since Release

Do you have any Event GM experience:
Yes, I've been a Event GM on multiple servers through out the years
i have MANY events id love to play,

What is your timezone and country. How long can you be online for?
-5 GMT im usually on from the time i get back from work to the time i fall asleep
Ranging between 6h's - 11h's

You need to be good in working in a team. Explain us how.
keeping in contact and communicating with fellow GM's to make sure events arent overdone
Open minded to all ideas and concepts on additions to the server.
friendly , calm , level headed, informative.

Tell us something about yourself (at least 3 sentence)
I live for gaming, i love being a solo player at the same time i love playing with friends.
Im from Canada , so as the stereotypes go im super friendly Smile
Love Milk and Grilled cheese so if im afk im probably making some
Usually on Discord so im easily reachable.

What is the reason you want to be Event GM on this server.
To Help Others , Have Fun and make everyones stay here at Mavis memorable as we grow as a community and become top on the charts

Any other type of information you would like to express about yourself?
Depends on what anyones interested about hearing , but that you can find out ingame Smile so hit me up using /say Damian or /say Lord or hopefully ill be able to update this to my GM's name Wink

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