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1 EVENT GM APPLICATION on Thu Sep 07, 2017 6:51 pm

What is your name?
Jaime N. Encarnacion

How old are you?
20 years old

What is your in-game name?

What are your fluent languages
English, Tagalog

How long have you been playing Flyff

Do you have any Event GM experience

What is your timezone and country. How long can you be online for?
GMT+ 8 Philippines. 2-6hrs or more

You need to be good in working in a team. Explain us how.
i can help and suggest what's better and good to improve the server

Tell us something about yourself (at least 3 sentence)
I started playing playing flyff since 2010 and i played many private servers and become one of the team staff. I like playing online games but i like playing flyff much more because i can know and befriends with the players. I have many friends with different nationalities and i friend with them and play with them together.

What is the reason you want to be Event GM on this server?
I want the players to enjoy playing the server so they can invite so many friends in this server
and i love playing here !

Any other type of information you would like to express about yourself?
I'm friendly i hope i enjoy playing with this server MORE POWER MAVIS FLYFF ! Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

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